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REthink, an all-one real estate business management solution, was built off the world’s most popular CRM – Salesforce. Add BombBomb into the mix, and now you have a dynamic trio that works together seamlessly to help you maximize your productivity. Video sending, contact syncing, tracking and analytics…it’s all there!

Stop guessing where your best opportunities lie. With BombBomb video email tracking inside your REthink account, you’re able to focus your attention on those who are most engaged and ready to convert. Save time and close more deals – it’s what we like to call a win-win-win.

REthink + BombBomb Benefits

  • It’s simple! No need to jump back and forth between systems. Build better relationship and humanize your emails by sending face to face messages to your leads - from inside your REthink account.
  • Better insight leads to smarter follow-up. When you know who’s interacting with your emails and videos – and exactly when - you know who’s ready to convert and who to follow up with next.
  • Activity is tied to individual contact records. This helps you be more efficient and effective in your follow-up efforts.




BombBomb + REthink


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