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Video Libraries for Customer Communication

Fast Forward Stories® provides customers with relevant, branded content in the form people prefer – video. Your marketing and sales life becomes easier with a library of pre-made videos in your BombBomb account. Add a personal video or use the Fast Forward video alone, directly from BombBomb.

Fast Forward Stories + BombBomb Benefits

  • With a few simple clicks, one or all of your Fast Forward videos are available as BombBomb emails, ready to edit, send or copy and re-use.
  • The combination of personal BombBomb video and professional explainer videos humanizes your emails while simplifying complex topics for your customers.
  • Fast Forward’s VCards™ give you rich ‘video cards’ for all occasions – business, thank you’s, birthdays, holidays and more.
  • Send Fast Forward videos thru BombBomb using a branded mobile-responsive design. When your video stays within the body of the email this significantly improves likelihood that your audience will perform the call to action.




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