Integration with Fast Forward Stories

Access your Fast Forward Stories videos right from your BombBomb account!
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BombBomb + Fast Forward Stories

Access a workspace full of ready-made videos, right in your BombBomb account.

What does it do?

With this integration, you can access your Fast Forward Stories videos right from your BombBomb account! You can instantly send those videos through email, simplifying complex topics for your customers and giving you the opportunity to build relationships.

Pre-made videos, instant impact

Expand your marketing and sales reach with a library of pre-made videos. Choose what fits your message, edit if needed, and send. Fast Forward makes video content both convenient and effective.

Personal meets professional

Combine the authenticity of a BombBomb video with the polish of a Fast Forward explainer. Clarify complex topics and make your emails more engaging, all in one.

Video cards for every occasion

Make moments memorable with Fast Forward’s VCards. Whether it’s a business milestone, a thank you note, or a birthday wish, choose from a wide range of video cards to match the mood.

Enhance engagement with branded design

Use BombBomb to send Fast Forward videos in a mobile-responsive, branded design. Keep your video within the email body to increase the chances of your audience taking action.

Fast Forward Stories users love BombBomb

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“BombBomb helps me establish a rapport with my clients that I can not do by text or phone alone. As a real estate agent, it is essential that my clients feel comfortable with me and BombBomb helps to make that easy.”

Brenden R.


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