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About Us


BombBomb makes it easy to build relationships through email, text, and social media.


Darin Dawson + Conor McCluskey


It started off with the one thing all great stories begin with… a relationship. Just two guys from the same small town in Michigan meeting for the first time 1,265 miles away in Colorado… With a broken bike and a $100 repair bill.


Sales guys at heart, Conor + Darin knew they communicated best with their clients face to face. But, even back then, so much communication had become “faceless” lacking personality, lacking clarity, lacking connection.

In 2006, Conor experimented by sending a video email to his client list. The response? Overwhelming. The result? BombBomb launches.


The number of people working for BombBomb. With one goal: Humanize The Planet.

Our average customer satisfaction score!

Minutes of video sent through BombBomb each year (That’s like watching The Empire Strikes Back a million times)

Most one-to-one videos sent in an afternoon by a BombBomb user.

Number of countries in which people are using BombBomb.


And it’s the thing that motivates us to build better, to sell better, to be better… We think we can make a major dent in the fight to keep widows and orphans from exploitation around the world. It’s big, we know. But if all this can be built from a broken bike, just imagine what we can do together…

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We believe in...


Relationships are the foundation of our business. Relationships are built upon conversation — active listening and honest feedback. Our business is all about people and helping people reach their goals through building relationships.


When we laugh more, we live longer. When you enjoy coming to work, it makes it so much more fun. Have fun! We only have one shot at this life; why not have fun doing it?


Cope easily with change and surprise, adapting your personal style and /or methods to different people, situations, or approaches.


There is always another side to the story or a different angle. Always listen first. Then listen again. Do not think you have everything figured out because usually you don’t. Have a willingness to utilize another person’s strengths to complement your weaknesses, accept responsibility for mistakes, and give credit to others rather than drawing attention to yourself.


Expect nothing in return. Unselfishly give your talents and abilities to assist and benefit others.

Growing the tech community in Colorado Springs

BombBomb has grown dramatically over the past decade. Through periods of rapid growth, the team’s worked hard to maintain a positive, collaborative culture based on a clear mission and core values. BombBomb was recently named the Best Medium-Sized Company to Work For in Colorado by ColoradoBiz Magazine. Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC says, “With hundreds of cities vying to become the next Silicon Valley, unexpected hotspots like Colorado Springs are making waves in our nation’s tech and startup ecosystem. Colorado Springs is home to a variety of tech companies, but they all have one thing in common: game-changing ideas."

Join the growing number of people rehumanizing their relationships with BombBomb.