BombBomb Wins 7 G2 Badges in 2 Categories

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April 17, 2024

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Reviews by hundreds of business customers demonstrate that the Colorado-based technology company remains a leader in video communications.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 12, 2024 (

In its Spring 2024 report on the best video communication platforms, G2 awarded seven badges to BombBomb across two product categories. BombBomb specializes in asynchronous video, enabling users to record and share video messages using their desktops or mobile devices. BombBomb has maintained its high-ranking position in G2’s leadership quadrant for more than three consecutive years.

Verified customers submit reviews on G2, which then analyzes competitive offerings in each category based on user satisfaction and market presence. In G2’s latest report, the Colorado tech company earned high marks for ease of implementation and delivering results to its end-users. G2 covers BombBomb in two categories: video email and video communications. 

“The program is fun to use, easy to use with my CRM, and gets positive responses,” said a customer from a large enterprise.

Badges from G2 indicate that a company ranks among the top-tier providers in its class. BombBomb’s report was released last week on G2’s website. 

  • Mid-Market Results Index for Video Communications
  • Mid-Market Relationship Index for Video Communications
  • Mid-Market Implementation Index for Video Communications
  • Mid-Market Grid Report for Video Communications
  • Small-Business Grid Report for Video Communications
  • Small-Business Grid Report for Video Email
  • Small-Business Canada Regional Grid Report for Video Email

“We were first to market with video messaging,” said Nicole Craine, president and chief operating officer at BombBomb. “But we’ve always put development and customers first. In the past, marketing was in the backseat. So, the value of platforms like G2 cannot be understated as a peer review site, where real customers share honest feedback about customer service and our solutions.”

A recent review from an enterprise customer with more than 10,000 employees supports the brand’s popularity among businesses.

“I have been using BombBomb for several years to educate my clients,” wrote Peggy, whose identity is kept confidential by G2. “The program is fun to use, easy to use with my CRM, and gets positive responses. What more could I ask for? When needed, customer support helps out a lot.” 

Asked what she disliked about BombBomb, Peggy replied, “Nothing, I just haven’t used all of its tools.”

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