Integration with Outreach

Access and share all your videos in your BombBomb workspace right from Outreach.
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BombBomb + Outreach

BombBomb Video makes sales outreach personal again by making it quick and easy to record, send, and track engagement with personal video emails in Outreach.

What does it do?

Record, upload, and track personal video messages directly from Outreach to make your sales engagement more authentic and get more wins.

Boost your sales outreach

Jumpstart your outreach game. Personal videos sent through BombBomb in Outreach help you stand out in your prospect’s inbox. Record yourself, your screen, or both, and keep track of these video messages all within Outreach.

Simplify video access and sharing

Access and share all your videos in your BombBomb workspace right from Outreach. Add videos to any email quickly and share them instantly. Save time by reusing videos that answer common queries or provide instructions.

Easy to record, faster delivery

Leverage BombBomb in Outreach to record and deliver messages with ease. Our advanced system ensures new videos are promptly embedded into your emails, making your sales activities as engaging as a face-to-face meeting.

Track engagements for smarter follow-ups

Stay informed about how your messages are performing. Track video plays and engage based on user interaction. Follow up with the right people at the right time.

Outreach users love BombBomb

“BombBomb helps me establish a rapport with my clients that I can not do by text or phone alone. As a real estate agent, it is essential that my clients feel comfortable with me and BombBomb helps to make that easy.”

Brenden R.


Supercharge your Outreach.

Discover the power of personalized video to energize your team’s performance in Outreach.