Integration with Outlook

Free. Plugin for Outlook. Use inside Outlook. See when recipients open and view videos.

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BombBomb + Outlook

Send and track 1‑to‑1 video messages directly from Outlook

What does it do?

Record and send video emails inside your Outlook account and get tracking for every video & email you send.

Personalize your communication

Make a memorable first impression. One-to-one video emails get opened 2x more often. Record yourself, your screen, or both. Send and track video messages directly inside Outlook.

Simplify video access and sharing

Every video in your BombBomb worspace is available in Outlook 365. Add videos to any email to share instantly. Enhance efficiency by reusing evergreen videos with answers to common questions or instructions.

Easy to record, faster delivery

With the BombBomb Add-in for Outlook 365, record and deliver videos in an email. The patented video encoder saves your video faster to send in emails.

Track views for strategic insights

Tracks email opens, link clicks, and video plays, comments, and reactions. Set up auto-alerts so you can respond quicker.

Outlook users love BombBomb

“BombBomb is intuitive and fast. But beyond facilitating quick video messages, the company promotes a philosophy of human-centered communication that has the potential to improve all business communication.”

Hannah T

Get personal. Get BombBomb.

Discover how personalized async video can enhance your team’s communication across multiple platforms.

Ready on the set. And… action!

Our video experts help enterprising leaders like you to turn their vision for personalized videos into a scalable solution.

Enterprise video specialists at BombBomb work with customers to maximize the impact of asynchronous video. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or innovative mid-market company, an enterprise plan opens doors to new possibilities.

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