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Quickly and easily record and share video messages from Google Chrome.

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The BombBomb Chrome Extension helps you build better business relationships with personal video messages, without leaving the site you’re working on.

Go beyond the email inbox.

With the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension, you can send personal video messages quickly and easily wherever your recipient prefers - whether that’s social media platforms like LinkedIn, internal messaging platforms like Slack, or whatever CRM you use.


Record your face, your screen, or both at the same time.


Every video in your BombBomb Library is at your fingertips.



Track email opens and link clicks, plus video plays, comments, and reactions.

Use Gmail?

The BombBomb Chrome Extension adds video messaging features directly to your Gmail Inbox.

What our customers say.

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Especially in this day and age where people are seeing each other less face-to-face, using BombBomb (and this SUPER helpful extension) is the PERFECT way to share emotions and tone.

Bryan K.

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The Chrome extension makes life 100x easier since our whole business platform is run on Chrome & Google Suite. We have been using it on our team for a few years now and it has really been a game-changer. Love this!

The Colin Group

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This tool is the real deal and I LOVE the gmail extension, it makes sending a video EASIER than typing one out.

Chris B.

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I use this daily and it has changed my open and conversion rate and put hundreds of thousands in my pocket. It’s my go-to extension.

Terri L.

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I just sent out two emails a few minutes ago to four recipients. While I have been typing this, three of the four have opened my emails. (Gotta love the tracking!)

Wink J.