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Embed videos directly into your LinkedIn messages for more effective response rates to your LinkedIn outreach.

Companies who love customers use BombBomb

Improve your LinkedIn results by using videos in your posts, messages, and InMail.

Personalize your outreach

Put your personality and brand into LinkedIn messages. Use videos when reaching out to prospects. Create posts that build your personal brand. Make every message stand out.

Streamlined video sharing

BombBomb makes creating and sharing videos on LinkedIn easier. Record your camera, screen, or both without leaving LinkedIn. Short-code URLs help improve response rates.

Optimize for attention

Maximize the impact of your video with engaging animated previews. The 3-second preview can be a deciding factor for recipients to open and press play.

Versatile content strategy

Produce evergreen videos—pre-recorded content kept in your unlimited BombBomb storage. Sustain consistent, high-quality messaging.

Humanize your LinkedIn messages with BombBomb

Discover how easy it is to send personalized, engaging video messages on LinkedIn with BombBomb.

Seamlessly add video to over 65 popular apps

Frequently asked questions

No. Every BombBomb video email plan includes unlimited videos and a video library.

Connect face-to-face at different times- record a video when it’s convenient for you and send it your viewer to watch when it’s convenient for them. Record your screen, camera, or both to make communication more personal while doing business more efficiently.

BombBomb works on any device and with our mobile app. Pin to your browser extension, add-in to your favorite email, and integrate our video messaging platform with 67+ other systems.

Yes, you can try our Essentials or Plus plans free for 14 days. If you would like to explore our Teams solution, please contact us, because we can help tailor it to be exactly what you and your team need.

You can be billed monthly, but you save with an annual plan. We accept credit card payments.

If you are interested in paying via ACH, reach out to our sales team here who can answer questions and assess your eligibility.

Yes. BombBomb serves leaders in financial services, mortgage, accounting, insurance, and other industries where compliance matters. For example, our Teams plan has robust features for compliance, such as a workflow that requires new videos to undergo an internal review before being sent.

Yes. BombBomb has special programs for education, government, and nonprofits. BombBomb can improve student success, donor relations, community outreach, and internal collaboration. Learn how to get verified and pick the right BombBomb plan for your organization.

No. Unlike many free video email products and free async video platforms, BombBomb does not sell your data. We do not access your private video content to mine data. We respect your privacy.

All plans feature unlimited videos and workspace storage, plus a host of free integrations. 

Unlike free video messaging platforms, BombBomb does not limit the numbers or lengths of videos. We do not sell your data or mine your data. We respect your  privacy. When it comes to “free” async video plans, we encourage you to read the fine print.

The Essentials plan is BombBomb’s video creator toolbox for solopreneurs and small but mighty teams. It includes unlimited camera and screen recordings, robust editing tools, custom branding, free integrations to email and other apps, and the ability to export your video essentials for the go-getter.

For teams of all sizes, the Plus plan is best for businesses that want to leverage BombBomb’s expanded workspaces, harness powerful automations, and administrative features. This isn’t just video; it’s a playbook for success.

Teams is the enterprise answer to next-gen video communication. From patented CRM integrations to top-tier compliance platforms and advanced administrative controls, it’s built for scale. With priority support and tailored onboarding, it’s enterprise video reimagined.
Contact sales to explore BombBomb for enterprise-level deployment. Make the most of async video with your CRM, mobile apps, backed by U.S.-based support.

Absolutely. Record your computer’s or mobile device’s screen of choice. Or just use the camera to be the video star. BombBomb integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and 67+ other applications. You can use it like any other add-in inside your email application or browser. You do not need to toggle between your email and BombBomb. 

Email integration is included with every plan. To integrate BombBomb with Outlook, check out this article here

To send videos while using Gmail, this article  is the one you need. 

To integrate Gmail servers with BombBomb, check out this article.

The workspace is an easy to use, centralized portal to create and edit videos, save them in a central hub, and manage contacts and automations. 

Depending on your plan, the Workspace expands with more and more features and options. 

Every plan includes video editing and branding, a personal storage workspace, and other premium features. Our Plus and Teams plans offer progressively robust Workspaces, automations, and administrative controls. 

Compare any of our plans to free video email platforms. Free async video plans are free because they limit your videos, video lengths, storage–even your ability to add a logo or export your own data. Many freemium plans also may sell or trade your data.

Your plan remains active for the remainder of the cycle that was paid. To cancel your subscription, log into your account, hover over your name in the upper right corner, and click “Subscriptions.” 

At the bottom of the Subscription & Payment page, you will find a link to cancel your subscription. 

Before you leave, we hope you’ll contact our support team first. Give us an opportunity to help you get the value from this powerful way to do business and collaborate.