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Embed videos directly into your LinkedIn messages for more effective response rates to your LinkedIn outreach.

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Farmers Insurance
Berkshire Hathaway
Flagstar Bank

Improve your LinkedIn results by using videos in your posts, messages, and InMail.

Personalize your outreach

Put your personality and brand into LinkedIn messages. Use videos when reaching out to prospects. Create posts that build your personal brand. Make every message stand out.

Streamlined video sharing

BombBomb makes creating and sharing videos on LinkedIn easier. Record your camera, screen, or both without leaving LinkedIn. Short-code URLs help improve response rates.

Optimize for attention

Maximize the impact of your video with engaging animated previews. The 3-second preview can be a deciding factor for recipients to open and press play.

Versatile content strategy

Produce evergreen videos—pre-recorded content kept in your unlimited BombBomb storage. Sustain consistent, high-quality messaging.

Humanize your LinkedIn messages with BombBomb

Discover how easy it is to send personalized, engaging video messages on LinkedIn with BombBomb.

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