Integration with Total Expert

Elevate your client interactions by sending video messages directly from Total Expert.
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BombBomb + Total Expert

Unify your co-marketing activities. Humanize your client interactions with the seamless integration of Total Expert and BombBomb.

What does it do?

Integrating the human touch into your marketing automation.

Personalize with video

Elevate your client interactions by sending video messages directly from the Total Expert platform. Incorporate simple video to engage face-to-face with leads, enhancing the quality of your communications and expediting transactions.

Stand apart from the crowd

Distinguish yourself from other lenders by sending personalized video emails from your Total Expert dashboard. A unique approach to client engagement enables you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Real-time engagement insights

Receive live alerts and push notifications from BombBomb to identify your most engaged leads. Know exactly when to initiate the next step based on their interactions with your emails.

Strengthen client relationships

Total Expert is built to fortify the human element in business transactions. Coupled with BombBomb’s video messaging, this integration delivers a rich, personalized experience that fosters stronger client bonds.

Total Expert users love BombBomb

“BombBomb is great for my mortgage business! I like the way BombBomb appears in my Gmail, seamlessly. It makes it easy to send a message, and the GIF showing me waving at my prospective clients helps get them to open the video email.”

Mark C.

Mortgage loan officer

Bring co-marketing to life with Total Expert and BombBomb

Take your real estate or mortgage business to the next level by integrating Total Expert and BombBomb.