Upgrade your outreach with video email automations

Improve your customer interactions and fuel growth.

Video Automation | BombBomb

Launch powerful campaigns

Advanced plans allow mass email sending with BombBomb as your mail server.

Automate on cue

Schedule emails based on key triggers like birthdays, anniversaries, or renewals.

Design responsively

Our drag-and-drop editor adapts to devices. Create beautiful emails within BombBomb.

Leveraging Video Email | BombBomb

Leverage video email effectively

BombBomb acts as your campaign manager, handling mass emails and scheduling. Put video email to work, driving engagement and conversion.

Create without constraints

Unlimited videos and images let you craft engaging emails. Design unique videos, thumbnails, and email aesthetics that stand out.

Custom Branding | BombBomb
Expand Your Reach | BombBomb

Expand your reach

Start with 3,500 contacts and upgrade as you grow. BombBomb is your partner in driving higher engagement and stronger conversions.

Integrate with your CRM

Enterprises can embed BombBomb in their CRM, leveraging automation. Add videos to the marketing mix, making every campaign more impactful.

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