Enjoy powerful built-in video editing

Take your messages from good to unforgettable in a few easy steps.

BombBomb Video interactions

Edit out mistakes and add in clips

Trim content, create intros and outros and stitch clips to tell a complete story.

Create videos that convert

Embed a call-to-action and add banners to convert viewers into active participants.

Stand out from the crowd

Showcase your personality with custom thumbnails and GIFs.

Editing features to make your videos shine

BombBomb Video Player

Record with a personal touch

Use visual effects like blur, brightness, and touch up appearance. Upload customizable backgrounds to make your videos uniquely you.

Trim and stitch clips in your browser

Seamlessly repurpose existing videos for different audiences, directly in your browser with trimming and stitching in seconds.

Sharpen the messaging
Share across platforms

Drive engagement with call-to-action buttons

Turn passive viewers into active participants with an embedded call-to-action button on your video and customizable video banners.

Boost open rates with custom thumbnails

Customize your thumbnail or use a GIF to make your video more engaging, improving open rates and viewer retention.

Custom Thumbnails

Integrates with your favorite apps

Free plugins for emails and browsers amplify your reach. Compatibility with 67+ platforms lets you create and send videos where you work.

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Send async videos at scale

Send videos through Outreach with BombBomb | BombBomb
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Send videos through Zendesk | BombBomb
Send videos with Salesforce | BombBomb
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Imagine the impact of video email at scale. BombBomb can embed inside your favorite CRM or helpdesk platform. Consult with our enterprise video experts to learn more.

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Better engagement for sales, marketing, and remote workers

BombBomb improves customer engagement, helps people collaborate, and reduces meetings.

Send asynchronous videos

Share information without having to schedule unnecessary meetings. Reduce misunderstandings, mistakes, and re-work.

Videos for collaboration

Give important context to designs and documents. Send pre-recorded answers to frequently asked questions.

Sales prospecting

Put a face with your name with personalized 1:1 videos. Video messaging gets opened more than traditional emails and text.

Marketing with videos

Set up automated video emails. Share news. Congratulate people on important anniversaries. Create campaigns in your CRM.

Onboarding & training

Great employees and establish a connection on Day 1. Use evergreen videos to walk new customers and workers through their next steps.

Demos & video explainers

Showcase your product’s features with pre-recorded walkthroughs. Create explainers with call-to-action links.

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