Empower teams with administrative controls

Enhance collaboration while ensuring security.

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Manage with precision

Centrally manage teams and users, tailor permissions, and control content sharing with all plans.

Fortify security at scale

SSO and SCIM/OKTA offer heightened security for enterprises using async video.

Simplify task assignments

Set team assignments, tasks, and permission levels with customizable workflows.

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Delegate and organize with ease

Enable an admin or marketing coordinator to centrally manage the team's videos, workspaces, and mass emailing for streamlined, on-brand communication.

Enjoy personalized enterprise features

Grant permissions and content sharing controls by user, require use of transcripts, and set up team assignements - customizable controls for an organized, harmonious enterprise.

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Role Based Access on BombBomb for Salesforce | BombBomb

Policy-based restrictions

Lock-out use of screen sharing and mobile devices according to your policies or if working in a regulated industry. You’re always in control.

Flexible consolidated billing

Set up centralized billing, or divide it by departments or businesses, for enhanced and simplified financial control.

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