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Enhance direct-to-consumer interaction with BombBomb video messaging

Compared to text-only email, here's what BombBomb users report.


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Get increased lead conversions

BombBomb builds rapport with leads and keeps their attention

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Engage and convert more buyers

Automotive sales calls for rapid replies and personalized communication. BombBomb empowers sales with an easy, on-the-go platform that uses video emails to connect with buyers.

Stand out from the crowd

Dealerships using video messaging improve sales by using recordings to show–instead of texting and talking. With video, you can highlight features and vehicle conditions to assure prospects that the product is right for them.

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Build customer loyalty

Automate video follow-ups to entire mailing lists. Instead of old school emails, send service reminders, special offers, and promotions that customers are more sure to watch.

Collaborate and comply across locations

Facilitate cross-selling across multiple dealerships. Use team collaboration tools and a video workspace for marketing, training, and re-usable content.

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Auto dealerships drive sales and service with BombBomb

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Discover how video messaging helps dealerships keep it personal–in an increasingly virtual business.

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