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Use video messaging to add a personal touch and improve engagement

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Video email gets opened

Embed videos in emails. Get up to 2x more click-throughs.

The personal touch

Show candidates, donors, and prospects how much you care.

Automate your outreach

Create or upload videos and send them to all your contacts.

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Ideal for recruiters, fundraising, and colleges

Async video adds the personal touch to your outreach. Send your thoughts in a video to build more meaningful human connections.

Stand out from the crowd

Competition for the right people calls for modern methods. Video messaging differentiates you from email templates and texts.

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Diverse uses, day in, day out

Collaborate more clearly with colleagues. Reduce meetings. Record, edit, and share videos on social media.

Make better connections with BombBomb

Works where you work

67+ integrations connect BombBomb with the apps you love.

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