Engage students and donors with video messaging

Improve recruitment and retention. Reach out to alumni. Collaborate campus-wide and online.

Automate Video Email in Sequences

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Camera & Screen Recording

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Turn emails into experiences for students and donors

From Admissions and Academics to fundraising, organizations use BombBomb video messaging. Boost engagement, retention, and campaign success. Integrates with Gmail, Outlook, CRM, and our open API tools.


Get more email replies


Get more email clicks


Get increased lead conversions

Keep your communication and collaboration personal

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Engage and nurture prospects and students

Student recruitment and persistency rise when using personal touch. Video messaging engages your constituents more effectively than emails and texts.

Foster alumni and community relations

Reach out to donors, alumni, and campus communities with personalized video content. Keep them connected with your organization like never before.

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Empower administrators and instructors

Equip staff and instructors with simple but powerful async video capabilities. Create videos with your camera and screen-sharing.

Enhance collaboration and compliance

Video messages foster collaboration across campuses and online. BombBomb complies with FERPA and WCAG–and offers API tools for your custom integrations.

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Engage and delight new students

Keep it personal.
Get BombBomb.

Ask us about how video messaging improves student success and re-energizes donor relations.

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Seamlessly add video to over 65 popular apps

Helping educators and non-profits since 2006.

Humanize your brand in this crazy digital world.

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