Better communication, fewer meetings

Use video messaging to add a personal touch and improve engagement.

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Updates and announcements

Keep everyone on the same page regardless of time zones and double-booked calendars.

Quick, clear feedback

Record your screen and walk through input. Keep feedback personal and on-point.

Training and support

Re-use video content to onboard new talent or clients. Create walkthroughs that solve common cases.

BombBomb works where you work

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Face-to-face feedback

Collaborate on projects while humanizing your communication. Videos make feedback more personal–and more accurate–than endless emails and messaging.

Improve work culture

Remote workers clock 16.8 more hours per year–but enjoy less human contact, according to studies. Foster a friendlier culture that’s more transparent.

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Limitless value

Asynchronous videos make work easier. Engineers precisely explain subtle changes. Sales prompts clients with the next step–and one less pesky phone call. Designers share nuances that speed collaboration.

Connect remote workers with BombBomb

Works where you work

67+ integrations connect BombBomb with the apps you love.

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Connect your culture.
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