Elevate your message with camera and screen recording

Strengthen connections and turn conversations into conversions.

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Record your way

Centrally manage teams, control access, or add and remove users with all our plans.

Look better on camera

With effects and editing tools, keep the focus on your message.

Brand your videos

Stand out, be memorable, and make every message uniquely yours.

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Enhance your visual presence

Brightness, blur and virtual backgrounds ensure you look and feel your best. No distractions, just focused conversations.

Boost brand recognition instantly

By adding your logo and customizing colors, your videos are unmistakably yours. With our built-in speaker's notes you can ensure your talk-track is on-brand, too.

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Engage and guide your audience

With titles and calls-to-action, steer your viewers in the right direction. Transcriptions make your content accessible to all.

Integrates with your favorite apps

Free plugins for emails and browsers amplify your reach. Compatibility with 60+ platforms ensures you're always connected.

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