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Async videos are proven to increase customer satisfaction and one-touch resolutions.

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One call center reports 82% reduction in time to resolve cases using BombBomb.

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Resolve up to 55% of cases with the very first response.

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Survey responses rose 35% for one client that reached out with BombBomb.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Deliver better customer experiences. Support teams report increased CSAT–using the personal touch with BombBomb.

Reduce escalations

Personalized responses de-escalate tickets. Videos walk customers through problem-solving–especially in complex cases.

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Shorten time to resolution

Asynchronous videos are easy to follow and re-watch. Resolve cases more rapidly. Re-use your how-to videos again and again.

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Works where you work

67+ integrations connect BombBomb with the apps you love.

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Deliver better customer experiences with BombBomb.

Ask about integration with Zendesk and other platforms.

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