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Record and send with ease

Async video emails made simple. Record your message and send it when it suits you.

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Track views and gain valuable insights. Know exactly how your videos are performing.

Automate for impact

Mass video email sending is automated for maximum reach with minimal effort.

Maximize Reach

Boost your open rates

Video emails spark curiosity and get opened up to 2x more often. Stand out in crowded inboxes and make your messages count.

Streamline your campaigns

Upload contacts and set up unlimited mass video emailing to your entire database. With BombBomb, efficiency meets effectiveness in your communication.

Salesforce integration
Share across platforms

Manage everything centrally

With dashboards and leaderboards, you get a clear picture of viewership and engagement, helping you tailor future strategies.

Automate and personalize your sequences

Whether for marketing, training or onboarding; automated sequences, email scheduling, and our email templates library save time and create a personalized experience for every viewer.

Custom Branding Team Control

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