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Empower your decision-making with data.

Laptop screen displaying a user interface for managing video content. The interface includes tabs like Dashboard, Team, and Videos, indicating a platform organized to enhance teamwork and content management.

Understand your viewers

Dashboard stats include viewer counts, percent watched, and average viewership.

Export your insights

All plans allow full data access and CSV downloads for flexible analysis.

Go deeper with enterprise

Advanced dashboards reveal user activity levels for refined strategy planning.

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Track in real-time

Get alerts the moment your video is viewed. See the impact of your content in real-time, adjusting strategy as needed for optimal engagement.

Boost your sales team

Leaderboards provide a clear picture of team performance. Motivate your team, celebrate successes, and identify areas for growth.

Accelerate Growth with BombBomb

Own your data

Unlike free async video platforms, all plans grant you full rights to download your stats anytime. Your data remains yours, safe from third-party sales or misuse.

Integrate with top platforms

Enterprise plans seamlessly feed into Salesforce, Zendesk, and other premium integrations. Amplify your insights with advanced analytics capabilities.

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