Video messaging company ends stealth mode with stunning new branding

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November 17, 2023

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., November 17, 2023 – Back in 2021, a tech company in video messaging successfully patented new technology that enables marketers to scale up their use of videos in sales and support. In 2022, BombBomb discreetly delivered the new platform to select global brands in accounting, mortgage, and insurance. 

In an age when Big Tech lets news fly sooner than later, BombBomb remained silent.

Early adopters of the Colorado Springs company’s new technology measured benchmarks for return on investment on the new video messaging system. By 2023, they were reporting startling outcomes. 

Users recorded videos for sales, marketing, and support with BombBomb’s camera and screen sharing app. The new technology embeds the capabilities inside customer relationship management (CRM) and support platforms. Companies can share videos in a range of automated ways at scale. The results? Higher customer satisfaction ratings, better marketing metrics, and more sales using videos than traditional mass emailing.

But BombBomb kept it under wraps…until now.

Today marks BombBomb’s announcement of its new enterprise video messaging platform for enterprise customers.

  • Patented async video creation that works inside CRMs and helpdesk platforms, like Salesforce and Zendesk.
  • Early adopters report higher email open rates, sales conversions, and customer satisfaction.
  • The new logo is now live on the company’s website, web-app, and mobile apps.

The 17 year-old firm’s new logo and website were created by the digital marketing agency Merton Way, a hybrid business consultancy and creative shop based in Florida with offices in Denver.

“The new brand embraces who we are,” stated COO Nicole Craine. “Yes, we are quirky but also friendly and innovative. We took our time and tested what we built. The new website communicates that. Global brands can put BombBomb’s enterprise hub to work. We benchmarked how it improves key performance indicators. We proved out its impacts on sales, marketing, and support. No competitor in async video can do what BombBomb does now.”

“Honestly, the elephant in the room has been our name,” said Craine. “It has the word bomb in it. That is edgy. Our agency said to just totally own it.” 

Customers like Shea Homes seem to agree. With many of its buyers spread across the continent and worldwide, the Arizona-based homebuilder adopted BombBomb to incorporate more videos into sales and property management.

“One particularly well-received aspect of our BombBomb video strategy is drone video updates,” said Michael Patrick Coffey. For out-of-state buyers, Coffey’s team sends drone footage to show off development of its Talinn Desert Ridge property. Coffey added that BombBomb’s data-rich platform “enables us to optimize our messaging for better results.”
To see BombBomb’s new website and branding, visit

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