Integration with IXACT Contact

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BombBomb + IXACT

With BombBomb, the IXACT Contact platform becomes even more robust, adding the feature to create and send video emails.

What does it do?

You’ll have the ability to record a video right inside IXACT or you can select an existing video from your BombBomb workspace.

Upgrade your communications

Leverage video emails in IXACT Contact to move beyond standard text. Make connections and build relationships through video directly within the CRM.

Optimize drip email campaigns

Integrate BombBomb videos into your IXACT Contact drip email plans. Boost engagement by adding videos from your existing BombBomb workspace.

Accelerate lead conversion

Enhance your prospect interactions with face-to-face video communication. Increase the likelihood of converting prospects into clients by providing a personalized touch.

Streamlined video marketing

Record videos effortlessly and insert them into emails without leaving IXACT Contact. Simplify your marketing strategy while taking it to the next level.

IXACT Contact users love BombBomb

BombBomb Multiplies sales and marketing results
“This tool has allowed me to save so much time. I am able to walk a client through documents and answer questions that I know they will have. I don’t have to play phone tag and deal with technology issues – it is a quick 5 minute video and we are ready to rock.”

Enterprise user

Ready to upgrade your IXACT Contact experience?

Discover the impact of personalized video emails on your real estate business.