Shape + BombBomb – all you need to go from pre-loan through post-close.

Struggling to break through the noise in the digital mortgage age? Need tools that kick your client relationships off on the right foot and keep them running smoothly? It’s time to leverage both personalization and power with BombBomb and Shape CRM to convert more clients than ever before.

With the BombBomb–Shape integration, Shape users can seamlessly add videos to email and SMS messages directly from within Shape. This integration will provide a more personalized and face-to-face experience when connecting with clients. With the use of this integration you are able to create and build relationships with the click of a button.

Shape Software is the sales, marketing, and CRM platform designed for lenders as an end-to-end solution to take your team from pre-loan through post-close. Close more deals with Shape’s intelligent lead tools, build and send secure online documents in a click, manage tasks for your team, get a complete suite of sales pipeline and marketing automation features like drip emails, newsletters, and SMS, generate custom reporting, and so much more.

Shape Software + BombBomb Benefits

  • Seamlessly create and send captivating video messages via email or SMS directly through Shape.
  • Add a more personal touch to your client communications to build stronger relationships.
  • Stay in touch even when you can’t meet in person.

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