Integration with Shape Software

Add videos to email and SMS messages directly from within Shape.
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BombBomb + Shape Software

Merge the robust capabilities of Shape Software's CRM with BombBomb's personalized video messaging to navigate the mortgage landscape like never before.

What does it do?

Shape users can seamlessly add videos to email and SMS messages directly from within Shape. This integration will provide a more personalized and face-to-face experience when connecting with clients.

Comprehensive mortgage management

Shape Software stands out as an all-inclusive platform for lenders, guiding your team from pre-loan to post-close. Incorporate BombBomb’s video features, and you get a comprehensive solution that enhances client interaction and closes more deals.

Connect at the click of a button

Why settle for faceless digital communication when you can provide a face-to-face experience? With this integration, make your emails and SMS messages more personal by sending video messages directly from within your Shape account.

Deepen client relations effortlessly

Conventional text can only go so far in building relationships. Use video messages to provide that extra personal touch that turns leads into loyal clients.

Meet virtually, connect genuinely

The integration allows for more genuine client interactions even when physical meetings aren’t possible. Stay in the loop without losing the human connection.

Shape Software users love BombBomb

“As a mortgage broker, there are times where I’d like an extra personal touch. It’s not easy getting face-to-face with clients. I use BombBomb to connect on a personal level and make my clients and business partners feel like they are important to me and that I’ve taken the time to think of them and do something more personalized for them, rather than just another generic email.”

Tridac M.

Mortgage broker

Supercharge Shape Software with BombBomb

Unlock the potential of an integrated mortgage management system designed for efficiency and enhanced client relations.