Integration with Edge

With BombBomb for Edge, your entire video workspace is just a click away.

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BombBomb + Microsoft Edge

Send personal video messages straight from your browser.

What does it do?

Add video tools to your web browser so you can easily record, share and track wherever you are on the web.

Enhance your messages with video

Why stick to plain text when you can convey so much more with video? Capture genuine reactions, explain with clarity, or just send a warm greeting. Record yourself, your screen, or combine both to deliver your perfect message.

Seamless integration, effortless access

With BombBomb for Edge, your entire video workspace is just a click away. Dive into your stored videos or create fresh content, all without leaving your current task.

Share anywhere, anytime

Communication isn’t limited to emails. Whether it’s a professional message on LinkedIn, a quick update on Slack, or an entry in your CRM, integrate your videos with ease.

Insights at your fingertips

Stay informed and adjust your approach. Get data on email opens, link interactions, video plays, feedback, and user engagement. Make every video count.

Edge users love BombBomb

“This tool has allowed me to save so much time. I am able to walk a client through documents and answer questions that I know they will have. I don’t have to play phone tag and deal with technology issues – it is a quick 5-minute video, and we are ready to rock.”

Financial services

Expand the potential of Microsoft Edge

Discover the power of video messaging directly from your browser.

Ready on the set. And… action!

Our video experts help enterprising leaders like you to turn their vision for personalized videos into a scalable solution.

Enterprise video specialists at BombBomb work with customers to maximize the impact of asynchronous video. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or innovative mid-market company, an enterprise plan opens doors to new possibilities.

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