Integration with BoomTown

Add custom video messaging to your BoomTown email process with ease.
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BombBomb + BoomTown

Record and select existing videos within the Boomtown email composer and add BombBomb videos into your BoomTown drips.

What does it do?

Blend the power of BombBomb videos with BoomTown's suite of real estate tools for elevated lead engagement.

Unified business growth solutions

BoomTown is the one-stop solution for real estate success, offering everything from exquisite websites to efficient lead nurturing. Now, with the BombBomb integration, enjoy a powerful tool that elevates your lead conversion through impactful video messaging.

Direct video integration in BoomTown

Say goodbye to switching between apps. Record and send videos right from within BoomTown. Alternatively, choose from any video stored in your BombBomb account. Ensure your messaging remains genuine and effective without changing your workflow.

Automated follow-ups with a twist

Incorporate BombBomb videos into BoomTown’s Smart Drip. Reach out to new leads instantaneously with video emails, setting yourself apart from the competition and establishing a personal connection from the get-go.

The advantage of face-to-face interaction

Leverage the personal touch of video to engage leads more intimately. With BombBomb’s video emails, prospects get a genuine sense of who you are. Increase trust and rapport even before your first real-life interaction.

BoomTown users love BombBomb

“We were looking for an easy-to-use solution to do outbound video outreach. We demoed a couple of others, and the UI and user experience seemed clunky. A sales rep said he used BombBomb and loved it, so we took a look. It was by far the best solution out of those we were looking for.”

Shaun H.

Revenue Operations

Elevate your BoomTown experience with video

Uncover the potential of asynchronous video and enhance your BoomTown lead engagement and conversion.