Usherpa + BombBomb
Guarantee Client Loyalty and Explode Your Sales with Usherpa.

Do these pain points sound familiar?

  • It’s cumbersome and labor-intensive to create marketing material using several different tools that do not work together.
  • It’s frustrating not knowing what to make the video about.
  • It’s stressful not knowing if the videos you are spending time and energy making are compliant.

The power of personal video is now insanely simple and worry free. Usherpa created an easy-to-use integration where LOs can generate BombBomb marketing videos directly in their Usherpa account and seamlessly send via email to anyone in their database. As the ONLY integration in the industry with compliance review built in, every stakeholder can rest easy knowing that any video going out meets compliance standards to a tee!

Usherpa’s Relationship Engagement Platform combines an intuitive CRM with automated marketing and customizable corporate marketing portals. Usherpa’s intuitive CRM presents opportunities in an easy-to-use format that gives you everything you need to build bulletproof relationships and create a referral machine. Loan Officers, Marketing Directors, & CEOs, rave about how Usherpa is the most automated and easy to use system on the market.

Usherpa + BombBomb Benefits

  • Use data intelligence to inform your videos. Usherpa’s intelligent data mining informs you of who, when and why to send a video so you always meet your client’s needs. Usherpa’s unique integration gives you the ability to send BombBomb videos directly through Usherpa to your database for single contacts and groups.
  • Peace of mind. Now compliance can be on your side. Never stress about staying compliant with Usherpa’s built-in compliance review process.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Record multiple videos for loan in-process milestones so you can communicate the intricacies of the loan process in terms that make sense for your borrowers. Save approved videos for future use and distribution making eliminating stress and making your life easier.



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