Integration with Firepoint

Enhance connections with video emails, all from your Firepoint account.
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BombBomb + Firepoint

Manage leads and enhance connections with video emails, all from your Firepoint account.

What does it do?

Record, send, and connect with BombBomb’s simple video recorder to film videos right from your Firepoint account. No more bouncing between platforms.

Streamline your daily tasks

No more toggling between platforms. Access BombBomb’s video features directly from your Firepoint account. Simplify your workflow and save time.

Bring emails to life

You’re compelling in person; be just as impactful in emails. Record and send videos without leaving Firepoint. Swap out text for more engaging video messages.

One platform, many possibilities

Manage leads, contacts, and campaigns with Firepoint. Add the power of BombBomb videos for unique introductions or greetings, whether one-to-one or mass sends.

Enhance relationship building

Video emails prompt more clicks, more opens, and more interactions. Elevate digital communication to a more personal level for better responses and relationship building.

Firepoint users love BombBomb

“This tool has allowed me to save so much time. I am able to walk a client through documents and answer questions that I know they will have. I don’t have to play phone tag and deal with technology issues – it is a quick 5 minute video and we are ready to rock.”

Enterprise client

Ready to elevate your real estate game?

Combine the strengths of Firepoint and BombBomb.