Integration with Connect Audience

All Facebook leads via ConnectLeads are seamlessly integrated into your BombBomb account.
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BombBomb + Connect Audience

Enhance the connection between Facebook leads and your email campaigns using personalized video messaging directly within ConnectAudience.

What does it do?

Create targeted campaigns on social media aimed at those who are already in your BombBomb lists OR snag all your Facebook ad leads into one centralized location and personalize your communication with them through video email.

Bridge the lead gap efficiently

Transition from Facebook to your email with ease. ConnectLeads ensures every Facebook lead entry is instantaneously funneled into your email campaigns. The added advantage? Personalized video messages through BombBomb.

Centralize and automate lead capture

No lead left behind. All Facebook leads via ConnectLeads are seamlessly integrated into your BombBomb account. Send them video emails automatically without the manual hassle.

Boost engagement with tailored videos

First impressions count. Personalized video emails not only capture attention but also build trust. Record, send, and let your face be the difference in your lead communication strategy.

Optimize campaigns with strategic insights

Don’t just send emails; understand their impact. With BombBomb’s analytics, monitor video plays, lead interactions, and more. Craft campaigns that resonate and prompt action.

Connect Audience users love BombBomb

iPhone Using BombBomb App
“I love sending video! I do a lot of Facebook video ads and retargeting, so I love to add to that with video emails to those leads that come in.”

Lewis W.


Supercharge Connect Audience.

Discover the power of asynchronous video in enhancing your Facebook lead engagement within ConnectAudience.