Integration with Easy Agent Pro

Automatically sync every lead on your Easy Agent Pro site to your BombBomb account.
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BombBomb + Easy Agent Pro

Harness Easy Agent Pro’s potential with BombBomb video follow-ups.

What does it do?

All leads generated in your Easy Agent Pro account will automatically flow into your BombBomb account, and you’ll receive real-time alerts to help you figure out exactly who to follow up with based on their email interaction.

Set yourself apart with a personal touch

Don’t let your leads blend into the noise. With BombBomb’s video emails, you can stand out and ensure that every lead feels valued and seen. Turn potential clients into loyal ones by adding that personal touch.

Streamlined processes for efficient lead nurturing

No more jumping between platforms or manual data entry. Every lead you capture on your Easy Agent Pro website automatically finds its home in your BombBomb account.

Build trust faster, convert more leads

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, especially in real estate. Get face-to-face with leads quicker than ever before.

Never miss a beat with timely interactions

BombBomb’s real-time alerts ensure you’re always one step ahead. Know exactly who’s engaging with your emails and when, allowing you to prioritize your follow-ups and maximize conversions.

Easy Agent Pro users love BombBomb

“BombBomb makes video so easy! I love how easy it is to send a quick video to clients and as an offer introduction for real estate contracts.”

Erin C.


BombBomb helps you convert more leads with Easy Agent Pro

Discover the synergy of video integration in lead conversion.