Integration with Follow Up Boss

Seamlessly insert BombBomb videos in all areas of Follow Up Boss.

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BombBomb + Follow Up Boss

Elevate lead management with BombBomb video emails, all within Follow Up Boss.

What does it do?

Record or select existing BombBomb videos within Follow Up Boss. You can also sync Follow Up Boss contacts based on stage, with key dates such as birthdays or home anniversaries, and sync these contacts into BombBomb lists.

Simplify your workflow

Seamlessly integrate BombBomb within Follow Up Boss. No more juggling between different platforms, get everything done in one place.

Personalize your emails

Say more than just words. Use video for greetings, thank you notes, or celebratory messages. Show your face, be more human, and outperform standard text emails.

Extend your reach in email communication

Insert BombBomb videos in all parts of Follow Up Boss, including emails, templates, and even signatures. Stand out and make an impression.

Gain strategic insights

With BombBomb in Follow Up Boss, tracking goes beyond email opens. Monitor video plays and engagement for a well-informed follow-up strategy.

Follow Up Boss users love BombBomb

BombBomb Multiplies sales and marketing results
“This tool has allowed me to save so much time. I am able to walk a client through documents and answer questions that I know they will have. I don’t have to play phone tag and deal with technology issues – it is a quick 5 minute video and we are ready to rock.”

Enterprise client

Upgrade your real estate interactions.

See the synergy between Follow Up Boss and BombBomb in action.