Integration with OnTask Recruiter

Record and select existing BombBomb videos within your OnTask Recruiter account. 
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BombBomb + OnTask Recruiter

Connect on a personal level and stand out from other recruiters with video messaging.

What does it do?

Record and select existing BombBomb videos within your OnTask Recruiter account. You will also have the ability to text BombBomb videos through OnTask Recruiter.

Bring your recruitment to life

OnTask Recruiter revolutionizes your recruitment by showing you the right candidates at the right time. Combine it with BombBomb’s video email capabilities and stand apart in the recruitment landscape.

Stand out and connect

Use video to enhance your communication with potential recruits. Show your face to make your messaging more human and relatable.

No more system juggling

Record and send BombBomb videos right within your OnTask Recruiter dashboard. Say goodbye to flipping between different tools and hello to a seamless workflow.

Future-proof your recruitment

Prepare for upcoming positions by filming and storing videos in your workspace. Choose from pre-recorded videos to streamline your communication process.

OnTask Recruiter users love BombBomb

“Great for differentiating myself from the pack, recruiting candidates love it, as do the hiring managers. Could not do my job without it. Using in coaching practice as well.”

Mary Ann

Executive recruiter

BombBomb and OnTask Recruiter make recruiting easier

Join the leading businesses already streamlining their recruitment with OnTask Recruiter and BombBomb