Integration with Lofty

With BombBomb integrated into your Lofty account, injecting video content into your drip campaigns has never been easier.

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BombBomb + Lofty

Combine BombBomb's video messaging with Lofty's comprehensive real estate suite for optimal client engagement.

What does it do?

Endorsed by today's top real estate professionals for enhanced client communications.

A unified real estate solution

Lofty with BombBomb is the answer to the modern real estate agent’s challenges. Consolidate numerous digital tools into a singular, user-friendly platform.

Video recording at your fingertips

With BombBomb’s video recorder now integrated into your Lofty account, injecting video content into your drip campaigns and action plans has never been easier. Make your emails resonate and leave a lasting impact on your leads.

Access and integrate with ease

Whether you’ve just recorded a video or want to reuse a previous one, Lofty’s integration with BombBomb has you covered. Incorporate any video from your BombBomb workspace into your Chime communications.

Drive performance through personalized interactions

For Lofty users aiming to elevate their engagement levels, BombBomb video emails pave the way for increased responses, lead generation, and a foundation for stronger relationships.

Lofty users love BombBomb

Don't Let Time Zones Cause Communication Breakdowns: Use Async Video Messaging
“BombBomb helps me establish a rapport with my clients that I can not do by text or phone alone. As a real estate agent, it is essential that my clients feel comfortable with me and BombBomb helps to make that easy.”

Brenden R.


Boost your Lofty experience with video

Explore how asynchronous video can improve your Lofty lead engagement and conversion.