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Encourage Your Contacts to go Social With You

UpViral is an advanced referral marketing platform that allows you to run shareable giveaways and contests to extend your social reach and gain more subscribers. If you’re looking to build a bigger reach and email subscriber list from your current contacts, give UpViral a try!

Integrating UpViral with BombBomb means that your shareable emails can go from looking like any other contest to one that people will actually want to take part in!

UpViral + BombBomb Benefits

  • Have contacts in your UpViral account but want to send personalized video email? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. With this integration, you can sync your UpViral contacts straight to BombBomb and create customized lists. This way you can stay organized and not have to worry about your contacts creating a mess in your email software account.
  • Enticing your current subscribers can be somewhat tricky – especially if they’ve heard the same stuff from you over and over. Banish the common text-based communication and grab their attention by sending a video email! This will increase your email opens and get more people to hear (and see!) your message.
  • Want to take advantage of using video email as well as UpViral’s amazing referral feature? You can definitely do that. Use BombBomb to create an awesome customized email design and include your UpViral links at the bottom of your emails. Now your emails can look great, be shared, and increase your audience!








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