Integration with UpViral

Sync your UpViral contacts directly into your BombBomb account.
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BombBomb + UpViral

Combine the powers of UpViral's referral marketing with BombBomb's personalized video emails to take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

What does it do?

Encourage your contacts to go social with you.

Seamless contact management

Sync your UpViral contacts directly into your BombBomb account to create customized lists. Enjoy the ease of keeping your contacts organized without cluttering your email software.

Elevate email engagement

Turn routine emails into engaging experiences by incorporating video. Ditch repetitive, text-based messages for video emails that not only enhance open rates but also deliver your message in a more compelling way.

Leverage combined features

Harness the strengths of both platforms by crafting an eye-catching email design with BombBomb and then adding your UpViral referral links.

Amplify your social reach

Integrate with BombBomb’s personalized video emails to encourage higher participation and social sharing, supercharging your marketing efforts.

UpViral users love BombBomb

“BombBomb is intuitive and fast. But beyond just facilitating quick video messages, the company promotes a philosophy of human-centered communication that has the potential to improve all business communication..”

Kell P.


Master referral marketing with UpViral and BombBomb

Leverage the best features of UpViral and BombBomb for an integrated and powerful marketing strategy.