Integration with Real Geeks

Send personalized videos straight from your Real Geeks account.
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BombBomb + Real Geeks

Integrate Real Geeks and BombBomb to build trust and relationships with your clients, all while streamlining your marketing efforts.

What does it do?

Record video and select existing BombBomb videos within your Real Geeks account. You’ll also be able to sync contacts from Real Geeks into your BombBomb lists.

Seamless integration for better relationships

Real Geeks provides comprehensive sales marketing solutions for those looking to flourish in real estate. When you add BombBomb videos into your Real Geeks workflow, building client relationships becomes more effective and human.

Video at your fingertips

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to integrate BombBomb with Real Geeks. Send personalized videos straight from your Real Geeks account and cut out the hassle of platform-switching.

Video over voicemail

Ditch the voicemails and opt for video mails instead. Video communication helps you establish trust and stands out, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. Plus, you get actionable insights on video opens, clicks, and plays.

Target your most engaged leads

Track video engagement metrics like opens, clicks, and plays directly within your Real Geeks activities history. Knowing who’s most engaged helps you focus your follow-up efforts.

Real Geeks users love BombBomb

“We are developing a real estate video library that coordinates with our CRM that is fully automated so we don’t have to repeat the same content for each client, record on BombBomb through CRM, and it goes in our library.”

Kevin J.


Turn leads into deals with video

Merge the power of Real Geeks and BombBomb to change how you engage with your leads.