Integration with LeadsBridge

Choose from a variety of BombBomb bridges, or create your own within LeadsBridge.

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BombBomb + LeadsBridge

Integrate LeadsBridge with BombBomb to streamline your advertising and enhance lead engagement.

What does it do?

LeadsBridge can automatically move leads into your BombBomb account. Choose from hundreds of BombBomb bridges, or create new bridges within LeadsBridge. Configure each lead source to add them to your BombBomb automations.

Smooth lead transition

LeadsBridge serves as a middleware, automating the transfer of leads from advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or LinkedIn Ads directly into your BombBomb account.

Multiple bridge options

Choose from a variety of BombBomb bridges or create your own within LeadsBridge. Ensure seamless data transfer by matching fields between connected sources.

Immediate response automation

Activate BombBomb automations for new leads as they arrive, allowing for immediate engagement even when you’re away.

Security and compliance

With GDPR and CCPA compliance, LeadsBridge keeps all customer data safe while fulfilling your unique business needs.

LeadsBridge users love BombBomb

“Use Bombbomb for personalized emails in real estate! Easy to use! Makes you stand out from the competition with personalized emails. Impresses people to get a BombBomb instead of a long email.”

Max V.

Real estate

Elevate your advertising campaigns with video

Combine LeadsBridge and BombBomb to engage your leads like never before.