Integration with Agent Legend

Add custom video to your Agent Legend campaigns and watch your client engagement skyrocket.
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BombBomb + Agent Legend

Record and select existing BombBomb videos within Agent Legend and add these videos into your Agent Legend campaigns.

What does it do?

Automatically send and track personal video messages directly from Agent Legend.

Automate while personalizing

Automatically send personalized video messages, improve response rates, and maintain that personal touch. Record yourself, your screen, or both – directly inside Agent Legend.

Streamline your workflow

Simplify your daily routine by integrating BombBomb into your Agent Legend account. Easily access all your BombBomb videos directly from Agent Legend and reduce the steps in your workflow.

Easy to record, faster delivery

With the integrated video recorder in Agent Legend, recording and sending personal videos has never been simpler. Your videos are promptly embedded into your follow-up campaigns, making them more compelling and effective.

Boost campaign effectiveness with video

Insert your BombBomb videos directly into your campaign emails, capturing client attention and prompting effective call to action. This is the next level of client follow-up – powered by video.

Agent Legend users love BombBomb

“It is rather straightforward and simple to use. It can be used via the website, phone app, or on Gmail. I use it for icebreakers with new leads so they see a human being and not just a plain email. It is also good for contact with my database with birthday greetings and market updates.”

Jim H.


Supercharge Agent Legend with BombBomb

Discover how personalized async video can improve your team’s lead generation and follow-up with Agent Legend and BombBomb.