Connect With Your Open House Leads Differently

Spacio is an intelligent open house solution that helps agents maximize open house lead generation opportunities by automating lead capture and follow up. It offers features such as social profiling on verified contacts, open house and seller reporting for listing presentations, and is integrated with a number of your favorite solutions. Spacio does the work while you nurture and convert. With the BombBomb integration, you can now follow up with your open house leads in different, more personal way - using video emails!

Spacio + BombBomb Benefits

  • You don’t need to be all over the place in your work. Say goodbye to the days you had to jump around from account to account. Thanks to this integration, you now have BombBomb functionality right in Spacio! Do what you need to do, where you want to do it.
  • Make yourself stand out from other agents. Show your face and personality in a video email! From your account, you can now create and send video emails to follow up with leads. And if you’ve already made one, you can send a pre-recorded video, too.
  • Since video emails are sent from your BombBomb account, you also have the luxury of BombBomb tracking. See who’s opening your emails, clicking your links, and watching your videos and use this information to follow up accordingly!