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Realvolve gives real estate professionals flexibility in handling everything from the most common systems to more sophisticated, conditional-based workflows for an entire team. Realvolve aims to make brokerages or personal practices more productive and efficient with powerful features designed just for real estate. Realvolve workflows and responses allow you to remain top of mind with your clients and prospects.
Now with the BombBomb integration, video responses can be added to your emails and templates with a single click of a button - right in your Realvolve account!

Realvolve + BombBomb Benefits

  • Say goodbye to copy and paste and juggling back and forth between programs. Now all the features you have in your BombBomb account will be available to you - right from Realvolve! Integrating all of the steps in your work process will speed things up and help to achieve your goals faster.
  • Separate yourself from the competition by putting a face to the name. By sending a follow-up message, introduction, or general greeting to your connections through video, it’ll be like you’re actually there without having to be there. Ditch typical text and opt for a more unique way to reach out to your clients and say hello.
  • Stand out and get more clicks, more opens, and more interactions with video messages to your past, current, and prospective connections. Video brings a more personal and humanistic quality to your digital communication, prompting more responses and more results.





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