Integration with Realvolve

Use BombBomb within Realvolve to easily add videos to your emails and templates.
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BombBomb + Realvolve

Integrate Realvolve and BombBomb to add a layer of personal touch in your digital communications.

What does it do?

Add video responses to your emails and templates right in your Realvolve account. You can record a brand new video, select a pre-recorded video from your video workspace, and even send to contacts or full contact lists that live in your BombBomb account.

A powerful tandem for real estate pros

Realvolve equips real estate professionals with flexible, robust workflows. Adding BombBomb videos into your Realvolve account not only simplifies your tasks but also transforms your email communications.

One-click video responses

Integrate BombBomb features directly within Realvolve to easily add videos to your emails and templates. Say goodbye to switching between platforms; it’s all in one place.

Beyond text, say hello with video

Elevate your client interactions by sending videos for introductions, follow-ups, or general greetings. It’s like being there, without actually having to be there.

Measurable results

Videos in your emails yield more clicks, opens, and interactions. Give your digital communications a humanistic quality that prompts more responses.

Realvolve users love BombBomb

“It is rather straightforward and simple to use. It can be used via the website, phone app, or on Gmail. I use it for icebreakers with new leads so they see a human being and not just a plain email. It is also good for contact with my database with birthday greetings and market updates.”

Jim H.


Transform client interactions with personalized videos

Combine Realvolve and BombBomb to create compelling digital communications.