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BombBomb + KCM

Seamlessly add videos to your Keeping Current Matters newsletter right inside your BombBomb account.

What does it do?

Elevate your real estate newsletters with video

One-stop newsletter management

Struggle with sending newsletters? Now you can send Keeping Current Matters newsletters directly from your BombBomb account.

Deepen client engagement

Sending newsletters becomes more effective when you know who’s engaging. Track email opens, link clicks, and video plays for every email you send.

Add a personal touch

Transform the client experience by adding videos to your newsletters. Create face-to-face connections without meeting in person.

Empower your decision-making

Leverage the extensive tracking features of BombBomb to refine your follow-up strategies. Know exactly who to reach out to and when.

KCM users love BombBomb

BombBomb Multiplies sales and marketing results
“BombBomb emails stand out! Recipients are more likely to view your short video email than to read your scripted email… It’s different, and it makes you stand out. Sometimes I have a low-priced listing, and I will get over 50 inquiries from Zillow. I can make a video and respond to each one with the same video. It’s much more personal than regular emails.”

Mike S.


Take client engagement to the next level with BombBomb

Integrate Keeping Current Matters with BombBomb to engage your clients like never before.