Integration with RE/MAX & Booj

RE/MAX affiliates can effortlessly create, send, and manage video messages.
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BombBomb + RE/MAX & Booj

Boost your RE/MAX engagements with booj CRM and personalized video messaging.

What does it do?

Integrate and track personal video messages for all your RE/MAX real estate leads with booj CRM.

A unified vision for real estate

Have the best tools at your disposal. Integrate BombBomb to connect, nurture, and convert leads with a platform designed for optimum agent success.

Integrated BombBomb video messaging

Through booj CRM or the BombBomb mobile app, RE/MAX affiliates can effortlessly create, send, and manage video messages. Deliver impactful content that resonates and builds trust with clients.

Streamlined communication for agents

Stay organized and informed. Every video communication via BombBomb integrates seamlessly into the booj CRM, ensuring you have a complete view of client interactions and engagement history.

Harness the power of video

In an industry centered around relationships, video messaging offers the personal touch needed to stand out. Foster deeper connections and offer a unique client experience, all from within your booj CRM.

RE/MAX & Booj users love BombBomb

“BombBomb helps me establish a rapport with my clients that I can not do by text or phone alone. As a real estate agent, it is essential that my clients feel comfortable with me and BombBomb helps to make that easy.”

Brenden R.


Elevate your RE/MAX CRM with video

Discover how integrating video with booj CRM can transform your client relationship management.