Don’t Let Your Mortgage Clients Slip Away - Respond, Engage, and Convert!

Today, communication is cluttered with too many messages, too much "irrelevant" data, and too many marketing and sales pitches from people and businesses that are unknown and impersonal. It is becoming more and more difficult making an impact personally with someone and differentiating oneself amongst all the cluttered messaging.

The integration of the BombBomb video service into the Stikkum communication engine now allows for deeper, far more personal, and innovative messaging to be distributed by our customers to their target audience. Making them relevant, better understood, and overall more personally connected with each of their target audience members.

The Stikkum retention alert and automation platform continuously monitors your client base, sensing their activity, and actively alerting you within HOURS when their actual behavior signals that they are starting to connect with a competitor. Automated RESPONSE and follow-up ACTION execution by Stikkum allows for the highest lead conversion capabilities turning retention leads into meaningful conversations and appointments.

Stikkum + BombBomb Benefits

  • Sending video allows you to get virtually face-to-face, build trust, and differentiate yourself with your leads. Making much more impactful and memorable impressions. Connecting with people “in person” will give you higher conversion rates and better relationships.
  • BombBomb is integrated with Stikkum so you can set up your videos to automatically send in responses to your leads that you receive, fully customized to the audience you are trying to reach and impact.
  • Integrated video with your email communications, along with SMS text and two-way AI-driven lead conversion services, provide you a fully automated platform of lead engagement and conversion.





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