Integration with Stikkum

Combine Stikkum’s AI-driven lead conversion with BombBomb’s video messaging.
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BombBomb + Stikkum

Send your BombBomb videos through Stikkum and make your customer retention personal & engaging.

What does it do?

Use BombBomb within a popular CRM for real estate agents across the U.S. and Canada

Automated alerts for timely action

The integration with BombBomb allows you to respond instantly and in a more personalized manner, converting retention leads into meaningful conversations.

Personalize your client interactions

Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace by using BombBomb video emails. Incorporate them directly into Stikkum’s communication engine to make your messaging more engaging, memorable, and effective.

Boost efficiency through seamless integration

Save time and minimize errors with the seamless data sync between Stikkum and BombBomb. Get a unified view of your client interactions, making it easier to provide a cohesive and personalized client experience.

Turn insights into appointments

Combine Stikkum’s AI-driven lead conversion capabilities with BombBomb’s video email service for a robust, fully automated lead engagement platform.

Stikkum users love BombBomb

“As a mortgage broker, there are times when I’d like an extra personal touch. It’s not easy getting face to face with clients. I use BombBomb to connect on a personal level and make my clients and business partners feel like they are important to me and that I’ve taken the time to think of them and do something more personalized for them, rather than just another generic email.”

Tridac M.

Mortgage broker

Become a leader in mortgage client retention. Get BombBomb.

Join the innovators in mortgage client management who are leveraging integrated video email for higher conversions.