Integration with Curaytor

Fully harness BombBomb’s capabilities directly from your Curaytor dashboard.
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BombBomb + Curaytor

Streamline your strategies by sending video messages directly from your Curaytor account.

What does it do?

Record and send BombBomb videos from directly inside of Curaytor! Create new videos each time or upload pre-existing BombBomb videos so you can have ample material to use in your workspace.

Stay synced and updated

No more constant toggling between platforms. Fully harness BombBomb’s capabilities directly from your Curaytor dashboard, enhancing productivity and engagement.

Personalized touch in digital outreach

Differentiate yourself. Deliver face-to-face video messages without being in the same room. Attach a face to a name, boost recall, and enhance interactions.

Familiar digital marketing tools

With Curaytor’s comprehensive digital solutions and BombBomb’s video capabilities, you’re empowered with tools, strategies, and insights tailored for the modern business landscape.

Stay on top with in-depth insights

Dive deep into video performance. Integrated ‘brain analytics’ lets you discern which video messages resonate best in your industry, equipping you with data-driven tactics.

Curaytor users love BombBomb

“People generally will respond to video email once they know who they’re speaking to as opposed to a generic non-personal email. Getting a much better response rate from clients and leads.”

Business Owner

Supercharge Curaytor with BombBomb

Discover the potential of asynchronous video in Curaytor and transform your digital outreach.