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Curaytor is a digital marketing system that provides customers with their own website, landing pages, blog, CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing, proven Facebook ads, and advanced lead conversion technology. They provide the all of the ideas, tools, systems, and support a business needs to be successful in the modern era. Now with the Curaytor integration, you can get face-to-face with more people by recording and sending videos directly inside your account using BombBomb!

Curaytor + BombBomb Benefits

  • Always getting tired of switching back and forth between two of your most-used platforms? Well, say goodbye to bouncing around. With this integration, all of BombBomb functionality is brought straight into your Curaytor account. No need to log into two different accounts to get things done!
  • Differentiate yourself in your business by using a tool that puts you face-to-face without having to be in the same room! By putting a name to the face and being able to send video greetings, you’ll be ensuring your contacts will remember you and end in more interactions, clicks, and results.
  • Curious to know how others in your industry are doing with video? Well, BombBomb ties right into your brain analytics! Check the brain to see which video emails are performing the best in your industry so you can use similar ideas and tactics for winning.







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