Integration with Zillow

Automatically push new leads into BombBomb from Zillow Group.

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BombBomb + Zillow Group

Customize pre-built workflows so that leads go into a BombBomb list, receive an email, and/or trigger an automation.

What does it do?

Trusted by thousands of real estate pros across the globe.

Instant differentiation with video

Today’s Internet leads can go cold in a matter of minutes. When you connect your Zillow or Trulia account with BombBomb, every new lead is immediately greeted with a personal video email. Stand out by showcasing your expertise right from the first interaction.

Seamless Zillow Group Workflow integration

Easily integrate your Zillow Group with BombBomb. With the Zillow Group Workflow, all your leads are automatically routed into your chosen BombBomb list. This ensures consistent and timely follow-ups, helping you nurture and convert your leads more effectively.

Real-time engagement insights

Stay a step ahead with live alerts. Know exactly who to follow up with, based on their interactions with your emails. Understand lead engagement in real-time so you can respond swiftly and capture interest when it’s at its peak.

Automated video emails for superior lead engagement

No more manual follow-ups. With BombBomb integration, every Zillow or Trulia lead automatically receives a video email. Ensure that each lead experiences a personalized touch to position you as a top-choice agent.

Zillow users love BombBomb

“BombBomb emails stand out! Recipients are more likely to view your short video email than to read your scripted email… It’s different, and it makes you stand out. Sometimes I have a low-priced listing, and I will get over 50 inquiries from Zillow. I can make a video and respond to each one with the same video. It’s much more personal than regular emails.”

Mike S.


Turbocharge Zillow Group.

Discover how incorporating async video can redefine your lead engagement and conversion within Zillow Group.