Convert Your Renters, Investors, and New Leads Into Owners helps real estate agents and loan officers build better relationships and repeat-and-referral business with their clients by maximizing their wealth. This engagement platform provides your clients with the best tips, tricks, and advice on how to track and build their equity while saving money. And it’s completely personalized with your branding - so you can stay consistent in your messaging while helping your clients save money and build their wealth over time. Clients even get personalized information like calculations, market data, refinancing scenarios, and much more to empower them to make educated decisions.

Now with BombBomb videos, loan officers and agents are able to personalize their content even more by sending their clients face-to-face videos! + BombBomb Benefits

  • Now you can completely personalize your communication with your client with BombBomb videos. Be as face-to-face as you can be by recording and sending a video, showing your client that you’re a real human who’s there to help them win in real estate - all right from within your Homebot account!
  • Want to know who’s engaging with your content? You can track any and all emails you send through BombBomb. See who has opened your emails, played your videos, or clicked links in your email. This way, you can follow up accordingly with those who want to know more.
  • If you wish you could explain your client’s monthly Homebot digest to them each month, now you can do so. With BombBomb, you can record your screen AND your face so you can seamlessly go over information with your client and explain fine details so they’re not left in the dark.





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