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Convert Leads with Video

CINC allows you to work with highly qualified leads and provides the tools necessary to convert the buyers and sellers into home sales. At BombBomb, we can’t think of anyone better than a “highly qualified lead” to send a video email to. Video is a better way to communicate. CINC and BombBomb integrating just made sense. Two systems you love, working together, to help you: Convert. More. Leads.

CINC + BombBomb Benefits

  • Follow-up to new leads in a way that differentiates yourself from others – with video email. You will find all new CINC leads in your CINC List right within your BombBomb account.
  • You use a CINC for a reason. It helps you stay organized and stay on top of things. Any time you send a video to a CINC lead the activity is automatically recorded in your CINC lead detail notes.
  • Simple video can help you get face-to-face with all types of leads and results in higher conversion rates. Cha-ching.




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