Integration with Property Base

Record and send BombBomb videos from right within your Propertybase account.
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BombBomb + Property Base

Combine Propertybase with BombBomb to revolutionize your client interactions and streamline your sales cycle.

What does it do?

No need to operate outside of your CRM! You can record and send BombBomb videos to your contacts right from within your Propertybase account. Just open a contact record, record a video, and send it off.

Comprehensive sales cycle management

Propertybase offers you an all-in-one platform designed for robust lead management, email automation, and MLS integrations. Adding BombBomb videos further enhances your ability to connect with clients effectively.

Personalized client communication

Send video emails directly from your Propertybase account. Show your face and speak to your contacts to make your message more personable and relatable, separating you from other real estate professionals.

Streamlined video messaging

No need to switch platforms or operate outside of your CRM. Simply open a contact record in Propertybase, record a video, and send it without any hassle.

Detailed email tracking

Keep track of your email performance right from Propertybase. Know exactly when to follow up and with whom, based on how recipients are engaging with your emails.

Property Base users love BombBomb

“I have been using BombBomb for more than 10 years. I always shoot a quick video on every property I represent in the real estate rental business. The BombBomb platform makes it a breeze to copy and paste my pre-written scripts for descriptions of property and remarks. ”

J. S.


Enhance your client relations with the power of video

Integrate Propertybase and BombBomb to bring your real estate business to new heights.