Engage Leads with Simple Video

Sierra Interactive provides a robust CRM that makes it easy for real estate professionals to quickly assess a prospect’s needs and begin showering them with attention and informative content. It includes a full suite of tools to help agents succeed online.

By adding BombBomb into their solution agents can now keep prospects engaged, build trust, and ultimately convert more leads, with the use of simple video email.

Sierra Interactive + BombBomb Benefits

  • It’s really easy! No need to jump back and forth between systems. Build better relationships and humanize your emails by recording and sending personal videos to your leads - right from your Sierra Interactive account.
  • Follow-up to leads in a way that differentiates yourself from others – with video email. You’ll be getting face to face earlier and more often!
  • Take control of your nurturing and conversion! All leads generated off your Sierra Interactive website automatically flow into the BombBomb list of your choosing.
  • Let us do the work! Add new leads into a BombBomb Automation campaign right within Sierra Interactive. Save time by selecting pre-recorded videos or BombBomb email templates. You know what works. That’s why you keep using it!
  • Live, real-time alerts and notifications on emails opens, link clicks, and/or video plays help you judge who you should be following up with based on how they are interacting with your emails and video emails.




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