Integration with ThetaLake

Let ThetaLake streamline your compliance process by automatically scanning BombBomb videos.

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BombBomb + ThetaLake

Maximize the utility of your BombBomb video emails while meeting strict compliance requirements, thanks to the ThetaLake integration.

What does it do?

Fortify your video messaging with ThetaLake's compliance oversight.

AI-driven risk detection and analysis

ThetaLake employs machine learning and natural language processing to automatically detect risks in the audio, visual, and text-based content of your BombBomb videos. Focus on strategy rather than manual review.

Automated compliance review

The ThetaLake integration streamlines your compliance process by automatically scanning what’s said, shown, and shared on screen in BombBomb videos.

WORM compliant video archiving

Establish rule-based policies for long-term video content retention that meet Write Once, Read Many (WORM) compliance standards. Get rich eDiscovery features across all your BombBomb videos for enhanced oversight.

Expand your video capabilities

With compliance taken care of, you can extend the use of BombBomb videos into more external communications that require strict retention and supervision, thus maximizing your video messaging potential.

ThetaLake users love BombBomb

“Bomb Bomb is easy to use and the best for sending longer videos that already have the information needed for compliance. The email template looks great; the preview for the recipient is awesome.”

Larry C.

Claims adjuster

Reinvent compliance in video messaging.

Embrace video messaging while staying compliant with ThetaLake and BombBomb

Ready on the set. And… action!

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Enterprise video specialists at BombBomb work with customers to maximize the impact of asynchronous video. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or innovative mid-market company, an enterprise plan opens doors to new possibilities.

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