Meet compliance requirements with AI-driven risk detection and secure archiving

For regulated industries, adopting video for sales and marketing also means navigating requirements to retain, review, and supervise the content within those videos. This often falls on compliance teams to detect any problematic statements/visuals and ensure that videos contain appropriate disclaimers and disclosures. Ultimately, tapping into the benefits gained from BombBomb video messages means organizations must have video compliance oversight in place.

Powered by NLP and machine learning, Theta Lake provides a purpose-built compliance suite to automatically capture, analyze, and detect corporate compliance, conduct, and regulatory risks in BombBomb videos. Theta Lake provides deep supervision and risk detection for audio, visual, and text-based content, allowing organizations to align their security and compliance requirements while empowering their workforce to create engaging content.

Theta Lake + BombBomb Benefits

  • Automate compliance review. Theta Lake automatically detects risks in what is said, shown, and shared on screen, ensuring your content meets regulatory and corporate requirements.
  • WORM compliant archiving. Organizations can create rule-based policies for long-term video content retention and have access to rich eDiscovery across all BombBomb videos.
  • Expand your team's use of video. With compliance solved, BombBomb videos can be incorporated into more external facing communications that require retention and supervision.




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