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Use specific dates from Dotloop and connect when it matters.
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BombBomb + Dotloop

Sync and automate personalized BombBomb video emails for your real estate transactions.

What does it do?

Sync contacts from your loops into BombBomb, along with specific dates, to make it as easy as possible to connect with past clients on a one-to-one level, when it’s both timely and relevant.

Seamless contact management

Sync once. No repetitive entries. Stay updated and error-free with BombBomb lists.

Foster lasting relationships

Strengthen bonds with past clients. Stay in their view and memory with personal video emails.

Timely and relevant touchpoints

Celebrate milestones like home anniversaries. Send timely videos that resonate with clients.

Strategic insights allow smarter follow-ups

Tracks email opens, link clicks, and video plays, comments, and reactions. Connect when it matters. Use specific dates from Dotloop for personal touches.

Dotloop users love BombBomb

BombBomb Multiplies sales and marketing results
“I am able to create quick and simple videos to help our real estate agents across our brokerage of 18 offices to use one of the brand tools or other brokerage tools to generate business.”

Bob DeVore


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