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Simplify your workflow by sending video emails without ever leaving Jungo.

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BombBomb + Jungo

Elevate your client relationships with video emails, directly from Jungo.

What does it do?

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Become a trusted advisor

Impart expertise and build trust by sending informative videos on market trends or quick answers to common questions, right from your Jungo CRM.

Swift client engagement

Access your video tools directly from a contact’s record in Jungo. Interact with your database faster and more effectively.

One-platform convenience

Simplify your workflow by sending video emails without ever leaving Jungo. Eliminate the need to juggle multiple platforms for your marketing needs.

Data-driven effectiveness

Keep track of video open rates and discover why video marketing accelerates revenue growth 49% faster than traditional methods.

Jungo users love BombBomb

“BombBomb emails stand out! Recipients are more likely to view your short video email than to read your scripted email. Sometimes I have a low-priced listing, and I will get over 50 inquiries from Zillow. I can make a video and respond to each one with the same video. It’s much more personal than regular emails.”

Mike S.


Redefine client relations in Jungo

Start sending powerful video emails that build trust, convert leads, and generate referrals.

Ready on the set. And… action!

Our video experts help enterprising leaders like you to turn their vision for personalized videos into a scalable solution.

Enterprise video specialists at BombBomb work with customers to maximize the impact of asynchronous video. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or innovative mid-market company, an enterprise plan opens doors to new possibilities.

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